June 27, 2017

Chief Justice Roberts Betrays America Again

Timothy Birdnow

The Supreme Court, overturning millenia of culture and tradition as well as American jurisprudence through our entire history, rewrote the Constitution when they made homosexual "marriage" the law of the land. That decision was written by Justice anthony Kennedy and was split down the middle. But now SCOTUS has ruled in favor of extending this usurpation.

According to Breitbart:

"A six-justice majority has extended homosexual rights to same-sex couples by ordering the state of Arkansas to allow a non-related or same-sex spouse be named as the second parent on a child’s birth certificate, with Chief Justice John Roberts
joining Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer.

Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch and Samuel Alito dissented in a decision that reverses what until now was a space on one’s birth certificate reserved for the opposite-sex spouse. Both the majority and minority opinions held opposing views on whether the Arkansas law reserves the parental space on the birth certificate for biological parents.

"When a married woman gives birth in Arkansas, state law generally requires the name of the mother’s male spouse to appear on the child’s birth certificate—regardless of his biological relationship to the child. According to the court below, however, Arkansas need not extend that rule to similarly situated same-sex couples: The State need not, in other words, issue birth certificates including the female spouses of women who give birth in the State. Because that differential treatment infringes Obergefell’s commitment to provide same-sex couples ‘the constellation of benefits that the States have linked to marriage’ … we reverse the state court’s judgment.

"The State uses those certificates to give married parents a form of legal recognition that is not available to unmarried parents. Having made that choice, Arkansas may not, consistent with Obergefell, deny married same-sex couples that recognition.”

End excerpt.

Get that? John Roberts, the man who gave us Obamacare in violation of the Constitution, has now acted to cement gay marriage into the fabric of America.

We desperately need regime change at SCOTUS.

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Day by Day Strip

Dana Mathewson

I've mentioned that I access the Day By Day conservative comic strip every day, and lately have been reading the Comments. I'm forwarding today's, because of an excellent screed by the contributor who identifies himself as "NotYetInACamp." It's long and rambles a tad, but this is an example of the quality of the minds who read this strip -- many (most?) of them military or ex-military, from the sound of it.

Hint: this is today's (June 27). There is no date stamp in the URL. If you read this on any other day you'll get something different, and to see what I wanted to send, you'll have to go to the site and hit the calendar for June 27, then hit the Comments line and read them.


The two women in the comic are Sam, on the right (staunch conservative) and Skye, on the left, Sam's sister, who has been a batcake Leftist but surprisingly has just apparently had a change of heart, realizing that her beloved Bernie Sanders wasn't the hero she thought him to be. It's taking her a lot of soul-searching, and she's not quite there yet, but we have hopes. Lots of the readers don't trust her yet, any farther than they can throw her, and for good reason, perhaps.

BTW, if you're already a reader, you'll have seen this and maybe read the comments already.
See our website at:www.danamarthamusic.com

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Comey Nailed

Dana Mathewson

Somebody else in the FBI -- make that formerly in the FBI -- nails Comey.


He's asking the right questions, that's for sure. Maybe he should be doing Mueller's job.

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Hillary Under Investigation

Dana Mathewson

Did you know that Hillary is under Senate investigation?

I didn't! Here it is:

In early June, Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, launched a new probe of former Secretary of State Clinton’s attempts to deflect a Bangladesh government corruption investigation of Muhammad Yunus, a Clinton Foundation donor and friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

"While secretary of state, Hillary Clinton made a personal call to pressure Bangladesh’s prime minister to aid a donor to her husband’s charitable foundation despite federal ethics laws that require government officials to recuse themselves from matters that could impact their spouse’s business," Circa reported.

"If the Secretary of State used her position to intervene in an independent investigation by a sovereign government simply because of a personal and financial relationship stemming from the Clinton Foundation rather than the legitimate foreign policy interests of the United States, then that would be unacceptable,” Grassley said in a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

"Co-mingling her official position as Secretary of State with her family foundation would be similarly inappropriate. It is vital to determine whether the State Department had any role in the threat of an IRS audit against the son of the Prime Minister in retaliation for this investigation,” Grassley wrote.

This is part of a larger story, which points out that Bernie Sanders and his wife, plus former AG Loretta Lynch, are also under investigation for various reasons. Hey, gang, we can hope, can't we?


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Camille Paglia claims the Democratic Party has destroyed Journalism

Dana Mathewson

Proving that not all feminist / liberal / gays are beyond the pale. This woman "gets it," in every sense of the word.

From the article:

Iconic and iconoclastic feminist Camille Paglia regularly infuriates her liberal colleagues by exposing the self-contradictions and double standards of the progressive left. On Sean Hannity's radio show on Tuesday, Paglia did it again, this time passionately asserting what conservatives have been saying for a while now: Democrats have made a mockery of journalism.

Hannity led into the discussion by citing Paglia's recent discussion of the Democrats' self-defeating "nationwide and spite." Paglia, who voted for Bernie Sanders, launched into a unflinchingly brutal critique of her own party, particularly as it has influenced journalism. The ceaseless hysterics from the Democrats she said, is "obscene" and "outrageous," and their "fantasy and hallucination" have not only hurt their own party, but journalism in America.]

"It shows that the Democrats are nothing now but words and fantasy and hallucination and Hollywood," she said. "There’s no journalism left. What’s happened to The New York Times? What’s happened to the major networks? It’s an outrage."

She continued: "I’m a professor of media studies, in addition to a professor of humanities, OK? And I think it’s absolutely grotesque the way my party has destroyed journalism. Right now, it is going to take decades to recover from this atrocity that’s going on where the news media have turned themselves over to the most childish fraternity, kind of buffoonish behavior."
I recommend the entire article to you -- it's here: http://www.dailywire.com/news/17765/famous-feminist-democratic-party-has-destroyed-james-barrett

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Jewish lesbians excluded from Chi. Gay Pride March

Jack Kemp


"The gay pride parade in Israel is the largest in the region, over 200,000 strong. There are no gay pride marches in Muslim countries. Turkish authorities banned LGBT Pride in Istanbul. On the contrary, gays are thrown from roofs and/or executed in the most gruesome fashion under Islamic law. And yet gay leadership in America stands with Islamic supremacists and their Jew-hatred.
In the wake of the Pulse gay nightclub jihad massacre and the slaughter of gays in Muslim countries, gays embrace Islamic Jew-hatred.
You can’t make this insanity up."

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Liberal arrogance is partly the blame

Wil Wirtanen

Liberals are so condescending to people that work with their hands is partly the blame for this.


Cliff (John Ratzenberger) from Cheers has been on a crusade to get "shop” class back into schools for many years.



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Do Nothing Congress

Dana Mathewson

This isn't a Kurt Schlichter article but it sounds more than a little like his work. Basically it's saying "Why aren't you sending some juicy stuff up for the President to sign?"


This country is at a political crossroads that only comes around once or twice in a century. Congressional Republicans are totally blowing it.
Right now the GOP comfortably controls both chambers of Congress. In the Senate, they are even poised to pick up seats in next year’s elections — a nearly impossible feat for the party in power during midterm races.

Down Pennsylvania Ave., there is a Republican president in the White House who is starving for major legislative accomplishments. The guy would literally sign anything he could be convinced is good for the country.

The only opposition Republicans face in dramatically overhauling the bloated federal bureaucracy would come from the squeamish and fickle Supreme Court. But history has shown that Republicans always win in political showdowns with the federal courts.

Perhaps best of all for Republicans right now is that the deranged media is completely obsessed with all sorts of ridiculous things that nobody — and I mean NOBODY — cares about. Republicans could start ramming through big, serious legislation gutting the federal bureaucracy, and the media would not even know it. Unless they could somehow pin it on Russia.

So, Mr. Speaker, where is your bill to abolish the federal Department of Education? That should be done on Monday.

By Tuesday, start the process of abolishing the federal Department of Labor. Defund the entire Internal Revenue Service while you are at it.

Etc., etc

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Pioneer tv newsman Gabe Pressman dead at 93

Jack Kemp

He was the first tv newsman to do street reporting. He invented the process by taking a cameraman and one of the bulky 50s era tv cameras out the back door of NBC, with the attached long cable, and asked people on the streets of New York their opinons about news topics. Considering the number of tourists and new immigrants in New York City, those people could have literally been from anywhere in the world. And he interviewed people who were "guys and gals from the neighborhood." He was an icon. NBC brought him back after he retired, he was that good. And he put the young reporters...excuse me, newsreaders...to shame. Megyn Kelly should have asked his advice because she would have learned something she desperately needed to know. Now it is too late to ask Gabe anything. Perhaps young reporters can watch videos of his classic reports. As the artcle below states, he interviewed Elvis, Fidel Castro, Marylin Monroe and went to the Woodstock festival.

Here is a brief quote from the NY Daily News article on Gabe:


For 60 years, New Yorkers welcomed revered reporter Gabe Pressman into their living rooms on the evening news for good reasons: Accuracy, honesty, veracity.

The pioneering broadcaster, who served as both the inspiration and envy of generations of reporters, died in his sleep early Friday at a Manhattan hospital. He was 93.

The perpetually rumpled Pressman, microphone in hand, became an iconic New York figure during his decades at WNBC-TV, inevitably covering the city’s biggest stories and newsmakers.

The 11-time Emmy-winning dean of New York journalism was among the first, if not the first, local television reporter working in New York City.

Gabe Pressman on the beat: A great TV journalist is dead

"Gabe Pressman always gave you the story straight, and always asked the tough questions that New Yorkers wanted answered,” said Gov. Cuomo.

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SCOTUS Re-Tires an Anti-Religious Law

Jack Kemp forwards this:

June 27, 2017

The Trinity Lutheran revolution

By Frank Friday
The SCOTUS decision on the President's Travel Ban is getting the most attention this week, but more consequential will be the decisive 7-2 opinion in the Trinity Lutheran case, overturning the so-called "Blaine amendment” in the Missouri state constitution. Blaine provisions of the 1870s and 1880s were aimed at denying religious schools any form of government assistance, but specifically allowed help for private secular schools. (The help in question in this case was the relatively trivial matter of free playground rubber pellets, but the principle now applies across the board to many forms of assistance.)

Such blatantly discriminatory laws were targeted at the burgeoning parochial schools in the United States begun after the Civil War, owing to the efforts of the large number of Catholic immigrants at the time, often German, as well as German Lutherans in the Midwest, who were keen to have their children educated in the native tongue.

The Blaine movement was the cynical creation of Republican politician James G. Blaine to rally nativist and secularist support for his presidential hopes. Blaine himself seems to have eventually had second thoughts about this and President McKinley eventually returned the GOP to the much friendlier posture of the Lincoln era regarding immigrants and Catholics. But the bad laws were left in the books and we have had an 80-year battle in the Supreme Court since Everson to have religious schools treated fairly under the federal and state constitutions. Well over half the states still have some sort of Blaine provision. NOTE FR

End excerpt.


This decision was based on a rather strange case. Trinity sued because they were denied cut up tires, yes, tires, from the State of Missouri. Someone came up with a way to cut up old car tires and turn them into a spongy material to be used instead of gravel on children's playgrounds, and the state was giving it away free to primary-grade schools - but not religious schools. Why not? Old tires are a blight on the landscape, a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other disease-bearing creatures, and they can either be burned - polluting the atmosphere - or cut up in this fashion. Missouri has been doing the latter, giving the material away free to schools and likely anyone else who will take it. But Blaine wouldn't allow the state to give it to religious schools. The Lutherans sued.

And won.

Winning a bunch of cut up tires seems like something of a booby prize, like getting the goat and cage on Let's Make a Deal, but it sets a fundamental principle; government may not discriminate against an entity based on religion. In an era when we are told we cannot discriminate against foreign Muslims it is the height of hypocrisy to discriminate against Christian schoolchildren. The Court has ruled that we can't.

But Liberals hate Christianity and we can expect a series of nasty fights over this as the Left attempts to stop the many dominoes from falling.

What is MY take on this? I don't think governments should be funding any such programs by and large (and if they do it should be local and not state) but if they are going to do it (and getting rid of old tires can be argued as a government matter as they are nearly indestructible things and hurt the environment) then there should be no discrimination. IF any private school gets it all should share.

At any rate, this marks a potentially fundamental shift in policy, one where the government will not be at the service of secular humanism and the assault on religion. No doubt the "Freedom from Religion" groups suffered collective aneurisms.

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June 26, 2017

Gay Activists Attack Cardinal Christian Day

Timothy Birdnow

The St. Louis Cardinals are taking heat from homosexual activists over their decision to host a Christian speaker at their annual "Christian Day".

Accuracy in Media states:

"The Saint Louis Cardinals plan to hold an annual "Christian Day” speech, this time from former Cardinals player Lance Berkman, and it upset a local LGBT group. The liberal media claimed Berkman is a homophobe, due to his Christian beliefs about homosexuality and opposition to transgender people entering a bathroom of their choice.

The local group demanded that Berkman not speak at the post-game event and that the team should hold a ‘Pride Night.’

End excerpt.

So, let me get this straight; they should not host a former Cardinal to speak at "Christian night" because he, well, is Christian. And on top of that they MUST host a gay pride promotion.

Interesting; I thought all the homosexual community wanted was to get a fair shake, yet they are forever demanding special treatment.

The main complaint is that Berkman opposed the Houston ordinance allowing ment to use women's restrooms. The BASTARD!

The Cards defended their decision here. Sadly, and predictably, the Cards caved and will host a gay pride day.

Time to tell these radicals to pound sand.

Go Cards!

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Trump Wins Travel Ban at SCOTUS - Sort of

Timothy Birdnow

Trump wins at SCOTUS - at least temporarily.


From Mercury News:

"But a day after Trump signed the first order, mass protests were staged across the country and on Jan. 28 a judge in New York temporarily blocked part of order. U.S. Judge Ann M. Donnelly held that the petitioners challenging the ban had a "strong likelihood of success” in establishing that their removal "violates their rights to Due Process and Equal Protection guaranteed by the United States Constitution.”

The Supreme Court opinion made clear it does not agree.

In fact, some of the justices would have gone even further, disagreeing that foreigners with clear connections to the U.S. should be able to skirt the ban. Three of them — Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch — said Monday they would have allowed the entirety of Trump’s travel ban to take effect while the court considers the case.

"For individuals, a close familial relationship is required,” the court said in its opinion. "A foreign national who wishes to enter the United States to live with or visit a family member . . . clearly has such a relationship. As for entities, the relationship must be formal, documented, and formed in the ordinary course, rather than for the purpose of evading” Trump’s order, the high court order said.

Justice Thomas said he doubted those distinctions will hold up."

End excerpt.

While the law and the legal precedents are crytstal clear on this - and there is zero right to even review this by the Court system according to previous SCOTUS rulings - Obama appointed judges simply rewrote the law based on what they wanted. While the Supreme Court is hardly conservative, it at least did its job and followed its own precedent.

So why did they push this off until October? Is Atnthony Kennedy going to retire? This makes the case even stronger.

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More on the Minimum Wage Job Killer

Wil Wirtanen


And another:

The last paragraph is the money statement.


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Cruel Minimum Wage Joke in Seattle

Dana Mathewson

Seattle is in the process of factoring in its $15 dollar per hour minimum wage law, all designed to make the liberals feel all warm and cuddly about how charitable they are about improving the lives of the poor. But, surprise (to them, anyhow), it's not having the desired effect!


(Sigh) "We" keep telling them this sort of thing doesn't work, they keep ignoring us, and look what happens. Will they learn from this? Who knows?

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We should be glad the US is out

Paul Driessen and David Legates

Following President Trump’s exit from the Paris Climate Treaty, a number of states, cities, universities, companies and institutions formed a "We are still in” consortium. Its members insist that they remain committed to Paris and are determined to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and prevent climate change.

As our article explains, this is all puffery and belief in tooth fairies. The issues and questions we raise ought to shame and embarrass WASI members – for spending countless billions of other people’s dollars to prevent an undetectable and irrelevant 0.01 degrees of global warming. We also ask whether jurisdictions within WASI states can take the "progressive” route and declare themselves sanctuary cities or counties, to protect their jobs and families against WASI dictates. Perhaps our article will persuade more Americans to make their voices heard, ask hard questions – and start resisting The Anti-Trump Resistance.

We should be glad the US is out

States that claim they’re committed to Paris do nothing for the climate and ill serve their citizens

Paul Driessen and David R. Legates

Ten states, some 150 cities, and 1,100 businesses, universities and organizations insist "We are still in” – committed to the Paris climate agreement and determined to continue reducing carbon dioxide emissions and preventing climate change. In the process, WASI members claim, they will create jobs and promote innovation, trade and international competitiveness. It’s mostly hype, puffery and belief in tooth fairies.

Let’s begin with the climate. When Delaware signed on to WASI, for example, Governor Carney cited rising average temperatures, rising sea levels, and an increase in extreme weather events. In Delaware, sea level rise is almost entirely due to subsiding land resulting from compaction of glacial outwash, isostatic response from the retreat of the ice sheets more than 12,000 years ago, and groundwater extraction.

The biggest threat to homes, roadways and wildlife habitats lies not in sea level rise – but in the effects of nor’easters, tropical storm remnants and other weather events that impact Delaware’s sand-built barrier islands. Moreover, not a single category 3-5 hurricane has struck the US mainland for a record 11.5 years.

Climate models have long overstated the supposed rise in air temperature. Recently, even alarmist scientists like Ben Santer have agreed that a warming hiatus has kept air temperatures unchanged for over 15 years, even as plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide levels in Earth’s atmosphere rose to 400 parts per million.

No trends exist in tropical cyclones, tornadoes, floods, droughts or other weather extremes. Contentions that these changes will pose health risks and threaten our economy are purely scare tactics. Climate has always changed and weather is always variable, due to complex, powerful natural forces. Insisting that these events must be caused or exacerbated by human activity reflects a denial of basic climate science.

Full adherence to the Paris Treaty by all nations would prevent an undetectable 0.3°F (0.2°C) rise by 2100 – assuming that all climate change is driven by humans and not by natural forces. This meaningless achievement, by switching to 100% renewable energy, would cost $12.7 trillion to $93 trillion by 2030.

Surely, WASI members and the rest of the world have better uses for that money than chasing climate chimeras. Paying their massive state debt, pension, welfare and retirement obligations, for instance; in developing nations, getting electricity and safe water to people and ending their poverty and disease.

But substantially reducing CO2 emissions will create jobs, won’t it? For every job these mandates and subsidies create, multiple jobs will be lost in businesses that require affordable, reliable energy. Your local or statewide CO2 emissions may decrease. But in 150+ countries that are under no obligation under Paris to reduce their fossil fuel use, emissions will increase. WASI groups may take pride in "resisting Trump,” but their actions really hurt America’s working class families, who had no vote on the matter.

WASI members California, Connecticut, Hawaii and New York already have among the worst unfunded pension liabilities. Their residential electricity prices are already outrageous: 17 cents a kilowatt-hour in NY, 19 in CA, 20 in CT and 29 in HI – versus 9 cents in North Dakota. Honoring "Paris commitments” would send rates skyrocketing to German and Danish levels: 37 cents per kWh. Expensive energy will hurt poor and minority families the most and send jobs to countries where energy costs less.

Just imagine what your WASI actions would do to households, hospitals, businesses, factories, malls and schools. How it would kill jobs and swell unemployment and welfare rolls – while creating a lot of low-pay, largely part-time jobs. Rather than producing jobs, the Paris Treaty is a job-killer for the USA.

For all these reasons, we should be glad we are out! We ask those who have told their constituents they are "still in,” How exactly will you meet your Paris commitments, and what exactly will you achieve?

How will you slash your CO2 emissions by 26-28% by 2025, as required for the USA under the Paris pact? The United States reduced CO2 emissions by 12% between 2005 and 2015. But that was accomplished by a downturn in the economy and increased reliance on natural gas, most of which is produced by hydraulic fracturing. Will you support fracking and build more gas-fired power plants?

Or will you build new nuclear and hydroelectric power plants to reduce your fossil fuel dependence? You cannot rely on wind and solar, as they currently account for barely 2% of overall US energy needs and the mining required to get rare earth metals, cadmium, iron, copper, limestone and other raw materials for these technologies has extensive, often horrendous environmental, health and human rights impacts.

Growing populations mean more energy will be needed. Do you expect wind and solar to grow to cover the new demand? These highly expensive technologies require vast land areas, much of it taken from wildlife habitats – and huge government/taxpayer subsidies. From whom will you take this money?

What will you get for your efforts? The cost is enormous, for minimal benefits. Higher electricity prices will affect businesses, hospitals, jobs and families in your state. The impact of 30, 40 or 50 cents per kilowatt-hour electricity will be devastating – especially for the poor, minority and blue-collar workers and families you say you care deeply about. They will be forced to choose among energy, food, clothing, shelter, health and safety. How will this serve climate and environmental justice?

By contrast, a change in global air temperature of about 0.01°F will have zero impact. That’s how much reduced warming the world is likely to see from all the sacrifices imposed by "We are still in” programs. Storms, floods and droughts are not linked to CO2 concentrations, so your actions will have no effect in these areas. Avoidance of an un-measurable increase in air temperature is simply not worth the cost.

Governors who have committed their states to this climate-centered resistance movement have done so without approval from the legislature or their constituents. How do you propose to pay for this unilateral executive decision? With tax increase and soaring energy costs? How will your constituents react to that?

The "We are still in” press release proudly proclaims that its members contribute $6.2 trillion a year to the US economy. That’s one-third of the United States $18.5 trillion GDP in 2016.

Under the Paris formula, the United States is to contribute $23.5 billion per year initially to the Green Climate Fund – with the US contribution rising to some $106 billion per year by 2030, based on the same percentages. Your one-third WASI share of that would be $7.8 billion in 2017, rising to $35 billion a year by 2030. Is this part of your vaunted commitment to the Paris treaty? How do you anticipate paying that?

Can individual cities and counties opt out of your pact, and become sanctuary cities or counties, to protect their jobs and families against runaway energy costs, climate fund payments and more autocratic actions?

By deciding that their schools will stay in the Paris Treaty, college and university presidents will drive up energy and other costs on their campuses. Did you consult with and get approval from your boards of trustees, legislators, taxpayers, students and parents – or was this simply another executive decision?

Delaware gets 95% of its electricity from natural gas, coal and oil. How exactly will the University of Delaware slash its fossil fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions by the 26-28% required by Paris? How will George Mason University, with Virginia getting 63% of its electricity from fossil fuels?

Have you calculated how much this will cost? Will you make up the difference by increasing tuition? How will you compensate those who can least afford these increasing expenses? In the interest of integrity, accuracy, transparency and ethics, have you made those analyses public (if they exist)?

Did all you "socially responsible” companies and organizations in WASI get approval from your boards of directors, shareholders, customers and clients before committing to stay in Paris? Did you analyze and discuss the likely economic and employment ramifications? Or are you the real climate deniers – denying the costs of anti-fossil fuel, renewable energy commitments, regulations, subsidies and mandates?

Finally, for the millions of voters, taxpayers, citizens, students, workers and consumers who are being impacted by "We are still in” states, cities, colleges, universities, businesses and organizations, we ask:

Are you still in with expending trillions of dollars to have an undetectable effect on Earth’s future climate? If not, perhaps it’s time you made your voices heard – and started resisting The Resistance.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (www.CFACT.org) and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power - Black death. David R. Legates is professor of climatology at the University of Delaware and a former Delaware State Climatologist.

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June 25, 2017

Global Warming - the Original Russian Collusion

Dana Mathewson

Yep. The Left is so-o-o-o incensed about (supposed) collusion between the Russkies and Trump's campaign, but they sure don't want you to find out about THIS: http://www.aim.org/aim-column/why-the-russians-conceived-the-global-warming-scam/?utm_source=AIM+-+Weekly+Email&utm_campaign=Weekly%20Email%20Jun-24-2017&utm_medium=email

This article contends that the international Global Warming (read: transfer of money) scheme/scam was cooked up under the Gorbachev administration, as a way to destabilize the West. Makes sense. Spoiler alert: watch for the name Al Gore!

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Target Digging it's own Grave

Dana Mathewson

Put another way, Target obviously still "doesn't get it."


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The Whalebacks

Dana Mathewson

We got a glimpse into tough way of life. Took a tour yesterday of the only surviving "whaleback" steamer, the SS Meteor, moored in Superior, WI. Launched in 1896 as the next-to-the-last of its kind, it stayed in service longer than any other whaleback, finally being taken out of service in the early 1960's and converted into a museum. In its last manifestation it was an oil carrier, and it had most of the modern amenities such as radar and radio. Looking around, it appeared to be pretty comfortable, all things considered (after all, they wanted to keep the same crewmen coming back to sail on her). The beds didn't have mattresses but they looked decent enough. Certainly a lot nicer than the hammocks the British Navy used to use! The tour guide blew the whistle and they must have heard it twenty miles away! What a beautiful sound!

Her designer, Capt. Alexander McDougall, had a number of innovative designs to his credit, not limited to the whaleback steamship and whaleback barge. (In the late 1800's, the best way to haul a lot of cargo was with a loaded steamer towing a loaded barge.) Later, as locks were widened and deepened, it became more economical to build larger ships, and due to their design, whalebacks could only be built to a certain length. After 1896 or so, no more were built.

Among other things, McDougall designed a very innovative rudder. Also some ahead-of-their-time warships and machinery that never were put into production.

Whalebacks were designed for the Great Lakes, but -- mission creep being alive and well in those days too -- one actually went down the St. Lawrence (in the days before the Seaway, basically acting like a whitewater raft), down the Atlantic Coast all the way to Cape Horn (this being in the days before the Panama Canal), through the Straights and up the Pacific Coasts of South and North America to eventually deliver cargo to the Pacific Northwest. McDougall would have been proud of that feat!

Great Lakes ships tended to do poorly out on the ocean because the distance between swells is greater there and it stresses hulls differently. Nowadays ships can apparently be designed for both environments. My mother and my aunt once watched a couple of "salties" pass eastward through the Welland Canal. The first was a Danish cargo hauler that, I later learned, had been on Superior and had helped search for the Edmund Fitzgerald the night she went down.

And that's your nautical lesson for the day.

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June 24, 2017

All Bets(y's) are off; Department of Edwina still pushing transgenderism

Timothy Birdnow

I was not happy about the appointment of Betsy Devos as secretary of Education. Devos may have been a proponent of school choice but had little else in the way of conservative credentials, and she did little to dispel my fears, appointing a string of deputies who promote the insanity of Leftist identity politics. According to the New York Times:

"But while Ms. DeVos has been reluctant to express sympathy for those groups, she has stacked her administration with appointees whose personal and professional backgrounds challenge the narrative that she has no interest in protecting those vulnerable students.

Among her appointees: a progressive Democrat who believes a broken education system is a form of white supremacy; a sexual assault survivor who is currently in a same-sex marriage; and a second-generation American who ran a federal program that helped undocumented immigrants."

End excerpt.

Devos and her husband founded a "green energy" company. She is very rich and very connected, a classic swamp dweller albeit in Michigan. Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney both really liked her, which speaks volumes.

And then there is this:

"In their opposition to DeVos, Republican moderates have unlikely company. If the election of Trump as president and the presence of Steve Bannon in Trump’s inner circle has proved anything, it’s that the far-right fringe of the party wields clout. In DeVos, they don’t like what they see. Some members of this constituency—which includes states rights activists, nationalists, and small-government conservatives (not to mention the outright racists and xenophobes)—voted for a Trump administration in the hope it would bring an end to Common Core, their favorite education policy bête noire. But that isn’t on DeVos’ radar. Coupled with DeVos’ pledge to keep implementing the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act—the bipartisan successor to the Bush administration’s No Child Left Behind Act that cleared Congress in 2015—conservative activists see the president’s choice as an abject betrayal. "Despite Trump’s lambasting of Jeb Bush’s education policies, the list of staffers looks more like the choices that would have been made under a Jeb Bush administration,” wrote Erin Tuttle of Hoosiers Against Common Core last month, citing a Politico story pointing out the number of former Jeb staffers hired by the new administration. On Breitbart, writer Susan Berry has been driving home this argument too. DeVos won’t put "the needs of students and their parents’ decision for their education first,” she’s declared."

End excerpt.

Yes, old Bets has supported Common Core in the past and probably still does.

She is a member of Jeb Bush's think tank promoting Rotten Core, and hobnobs with the likes of Bill Gates and other Progressive educzars.

She believes in Federal control of education.

Well, turns out that under her watch her deputies are
pushing transvestism in public education with nary a pause. According to Breitbart:

"The instruction was part of a jargon-filled memo dated June 6, and signed by Candice Jackson, the Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights in the U.S. Education Department, which provides instructions to staff concerning "complaints involving transgender students.”

The memo tells department lawyers how to respond when they get complaints involving "transgender students.” It says the department’s left-wing lawyers can use recent and disputed federal court decisions — not the elected President’s popular policies — to justify high-pressure lawsuits against teachers who have normal attitudes about the equal, different and complementary status of males and females.

For example, lawyers can investigate a case of "hostility” where school personnel are "refusing to use a transgender student’s preferred name or pronouns when the school uses preferred names for gender-conforming students or when the refusal is motivated by animus toward people who do not conform to sex stereotypes,” the document says.

The his-her pronoun issue is especially sensitive because federal support for the transgender ideology would mean that a child can use federal lawyers to threaten other students and teachers in school until they submit by referring to the child by the biologically incorrect pronoun, even in science class."

End excerpt.

Harry Truman had a sign on his desk saying "the buck stops here" which meant he was the final authority. Devos is the boss at the Department of Education and she is ultimately responsible for this sort of thing.

Funny how the these un-American values continue to be pushed by our government even after we won the political fight. And it violates a specific Trump politcy which reversed Obama's mandated fake speech injunction.

If Betsy, billion heiress, can't handle her own department she shouldn't be there. If she is actually showing her true blue-blood colors she lied about her beliefs. Either way, this is despicable and in stark violation to everything the American People voted for in the last election.

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June 23, 2017

James Comey Leaking on Camera

Timothy Birdnow

James Comey and his wife were caught on camera going into the offices of the New York Times.


Comey isn't even trying to hide the fact that he is violating his oath of office and leaking.

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