January 31, 2015

A Goofy, er, Mickey Mouse Border Policy

Alan Caruba 

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OCO-2 Carbon Dioxide Data

Timothy Birdnow

NASA OCO-2 satellite shows virtually minor carbon dioxide increases - and the largest are in the undeveloped tropical regions.

NASA has also developed a super computer model of how CO2 is produced and dispersed in the atmosphere that I will turn to shortly. The upper panel above is the first data from OCO-2 and the lower is a snap shot from the computer model the different colour coding makes it incredibly difficult to compare the two. I have added some annotation to the OCO-2 image. The most important point is to realise that globally averaged CO2 in October 2014 should be about 396 ppmv that is represented by yellow on this map (marked with an arrow on the colour coded scale). Orange and red are areas with CO2 above average and are presumably sources. Green and blue are below average and are presumably sinks in October. A feature that catches my eye is a band of red and orange running around the Earth between the Equator and Tropic of Capricorn with bands of blue either side. But it is far too early to draw any firm conclusions from this initial data!

The model has some things in common with the real data. Both pick out the Amazon Basin and southern Africa as CO2 hot spots. The commentary that goes with the model argues this is due to burning grass and forest. White and violet colours in the model also pick out the tropical rain forests of Indonesia as a hot spot. And both model and OCO-2 data pick out China as a hot spot. Given that other heavily industrialised areas are not hot spots it would be premature to jump to the conclusion this is down to Chinese fossil fuel emissions.

But there the similarities end. The model suggests hot spots associated with the industrialised areas of N America, Europe, Russia and India that are pretty well absent in the real data. Undeterred by what the real data actually shows NASA prefer to see what they want to see:

'Elevated carbon dioxide can also be seen above industrialized Northern Hemisphere regions in China, Europe and North America.'

I cannot see any sign of elevated CO2 over Europe that is either neutral or a net sink. This is not surprising since human emissions are tiny in relation to the annual natural fluxes of CO2. It would be very surprising if these could be seen from space at all."

End excerpt.

Interesting, no?

We are reaching the endgame with global warming, folks. There has been no statistically significant warming certainly since the big El Nino year of 1998, and if you subtract that out as an aberration it is since 1995. What does that mean? It means that the temperature anomaly is about to fall entirely back into the normal range. With no rising temperatures, AGW as a scientific theory has had it.

So it's now or never! The Pope is getting into the act, all of the major government-funded science bureacracies are in, and the media breathlessly reported 2014 as the hottest year on record (and had to quietly walk that back). Every concrete prediction from the models have failed. Greenland, for example has has a growing ice sheet in direct contradiction to AGW theory.

This wasn't supposed to happen. By 2010 this was supposed to be all sewed up, and international agencies were supposed to have been firmly established to regulate industry and commerce, along with newly empowered international courts to adjudicate "carbon disputes". The planet simply refused to cooperate, and the public, faced with serious international problems, yawned at apocalyptic hysterics.

So now the desperate last stand. Like the British at Isandlwana the Gang Green is desperately trying to stop the retreat. They must win this thing now, or there will be no tomorrow for them.

We have seen something unprecedented in world history; a generation-long War of the Worlds scare. So many people and institutions jumped on board because of the money, the influence, and the utopian political philosophy it promoted. Global Warming was and is a tool of the watermelons, the place where all the reds went after the Soviet collapse.

And it was a close run thing; without an unknown person called FOIA who hacked the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia, they may well have won. Had the world warmed just a little more they may well have won. Had China or Russia gotten on board they may well have won. It's not impossible for them to win even now.

But it just doesn't look good for them. OCO-2 is one more nail in the Green Dracula coffin.

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EPA Boss Briefs Pope on Global Warming

Timothy Birdnow

EPA boss hog Gina McCarthy is briefing Pope Francis on Global Warming to help him prepare for his "encyclical", which will be nothing but a politically-charged document.

Why doesn't Il Papa reach out to, say, the NIPCC? If he were serious about this as a science issue he would gather all viewpoints. That he is speaking to a hyper-partisan hack like McCarthy speaks volumes.

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Ferguson Church Burned by Pastor?

Timothy Birdnow

There is evidence that Rev. Carleton Lee, Ferguson pastor and community agitator, may have burned down his own church.

From Gotnews:

"The Al Sharpton-supporting man who claims to be Michael Brown’s pastor may well have burned his own church down as he asks the public for money, Gotnews.com has learned.

Just landed in DC after a stop in Ferguson at Flood Christian Ministries. Our NAN Chapter Prez Rev. Carlton Lee is the Pastor.

— Reverend Al Sharpton (@TheRevAl) November 30, 2014

There were 26 fires in Ferguson after a grand jury declined to prosecuted Officer Darren Wilson on November 25th but one fire is unique. "

he Flood Christian Church, on West Florissant Avenue in Country Club Hills, is set off from the main protest area in Ferguson, and no adjacent buildings were damaged,” reports the St. Louis Post Dispatch earlier this week.

A timeline and map created by GotNews.com of Carlton Lee’s movements strongly suggests that Lee, who has long standing money trouble, burned down his own church for the insurance money.

In an article with the Washington Post‘s reporter Wesley Lowery, Pastor Carlton Lee claims he paid $160,000 to buy his Flood Christian Church. Lee asked for $250,000 at Yale’s Divinity School last week.

His church burned, Pastor Carlton Lee gathered with family yesterday to give thanks. My latest from Ferguson: http://t.co/dfxJOuDWTf

— Wesley Lowery (@WesleyLowery) November 28, 2014

Property records tell a different story.

The church was purchased in June 2014 for $37,500 with a mortgage of $35,000. It has a property tax bill of $4617.36."

Read it all at Gotnews.

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Physics and Flaccid Footballs

Deflated dreams at the Niagara Football Academy 0

Timothy Birdnow

Over at American Thinker Bruce Walker (a fabulous thinker and writer and I normally love his work) defends Tom Brady and the New England Patriots over deflategate.

He crunches the numbers:

"To find the absolute temperature you need to convert Fahrenheit to Rankine degrees. To do this, add 460 to F to get K. So in Bill Belichick's TV press conference he indicated the locker room temperature was 75 degrees F (75 + 460 = 535 K) and the field temperature was 50 degrees F (50 + 460 = 510 K).

Assume Tom Brady's footballs were all inflated to the maximum allowable, 13.5 psi gauge. We need to convert gauge pressure to absolute pressure. At sea level we add the atmospheric pressure (14.7 psia) to the gauge pressure (13.5 psi), we discover the initial absolute pressure was 13.5 + 14.7 = 28.2 psia).

Multiplying the initial absolute pressure at 75 F (28.2 pia) by the ratio of absolute temperatures (510/535 = 0.95327) we find the absolute pressure on the field is (28.2 x 0.95327 = 26.88 psia). Converting absolute pressure back to gauge pressure we need to subtract the atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psia. The field gauge pressure then becomes (26.88 -14.7 = 12.18 psig)."

End excerpt.

There's only one problem; one of the Patriot footballs WAS properly inflated, and there is no evidence that any of the Colts' balls were flaccid.

Let me offer some other points to ponder; the balls at rest are going to be cooler than the balls actually being used in the game, as the jostling and squeezing of said footballs will cause heating through friction and compression. I fear Bruce (again, a brilliant man) missed that point.

It should also be pointed out that the Baltimore Ravens had complained about this same problem with the Pats. The Colts did likewise in a previous game. I do not know of this being an issue in the NFL prior.

I haven't been able to get the actual pressure of the offending balls, but I keep coming across the figure of 2 psi low, which if one assumes it means lower than the minimum required of 12.5 psi would mean the balls are only at 10.5 psi, well below the 12.18 calculated by Bruce. Even at the minimum air pressure the balls would be at 11.5, well over the 12.18 that Bruce calculated.

This still doesn't stand up to scrutiny. I can see no way to make the numbers excuse the observed conditions.

Cosmologist Neil DeGrasse Tyson dismissed the claim that the cold deflated the balls (although he retreated under fire) as did Bill Nye.

Tyson, after first claiming the deflation would require an initial air temperature of 125*, realized he had mistaken gauge pressure for absolute pressure, and subsequently modified his stance:

"Shortly afterwards, many of my physics-fluent twitter followers, as well as others in the blogosphere, were quick to point out that in my calculation I neglected to account for the fact that the football pressures were "gauge” pressures (as would be the pressures measured in any ball on Earth) rather than "absolute” pressures. And the calculation that I performed applies only to absolute pressures — which reference the case where the football pressure is measured in the vacuum of space, without the effects of atmospheric pressure on the measurement. Using the (correct) gauge pressure in the calculation reduces the needed inflation temperature to about 90-degrees for that effect.”


It should be pointed out that there is no way the locker room was 90*.

It should also be pointed out that the Pats had much better ball control than did the hapless Colts, and that may or may not suggest an easier grip for New England. In fact, a statistician named Warren Sharp has shown that the Pats have been virtually fumble proof since the rule change -proposed by Tom Brady in 2006 - that allows teams to supply their own balls.

It should also be pointed out that the Pats have a long, illustrious tradition of cheating. Marshall Falk, retired Rams running back, said the St. Louis team was cheated out of a Superbowl win in 2002:

"I understand Bill is a great coach,” Faulk said. "But No. 13 [Kurt Warner] will tell you. Mike Martz will tell you. We had some plays in the red zone that we hadn’t ran. . . . And a couple of plays on third down that we walked through also . . . And they created a check for it. It’s just little things like that. It’s either the best coaching in the world when you come up with situations that you had never seen before. Or you’d seen it and knew what to do.”

Falk also bemoaned the suspicious burning of tapes by the League Commissioner:

"Obviously, the commissioner gets to handle things how he wants to handle them but if they wanted us to shut up about what happened, show us the tapes. Don’t burn ‘em,”

Spygate aside, the Pats slowed the Rams - the fastest, most high-flying team in the league - to a turtle-like crawl in that game. Nobody could get open. Why? I saw Falk grabbed at the line of scrimmage and pulled to the ground when he was trying to run his pattern. Clutch and grab, and the refs simply ignored it.

In other words, the Pats cheated.

If this were the first accusation of cheating against the Pats I would accept Bruce Walker's argument. As it is not, and I can't make the numbers work, I cannot.

Now, the NFL loves this; it is going to increase viewership of the game. That is why they won't pursue this too aggressively. And the league loves the Pats anyway; they assumed the mantle of "America's Team" that the Dallas Cowboys used to hold.

Tom Brady is whining about having a cold. Why? Usually these guys just motor on through such things. Is Brady trying to create an excuse if he does not perform as well as expected, now that he will be forced to play with legal balls?

It is often said cheaters never prosper. Sadly, that isn't true, and the Patriots are living proof of that.

patriots deflated football

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Obama's Eyes on the Prize; Gun Buyer Database

All-seeing Eye by axis100 on deviantART
Timothy Birdnow

The BHO has ATF and DEA agents snapping pictures of the licence plates of gun show attendees.

From Gateway Pundit:

"The DEA equipment is able to capture images of occupants inside the vehicle.
Guns.com reported:

According to emails obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union, federal authorities planned to monitor gun show parking lots with automatic license plate readers.

The insight comes from a damning report released by the ACLU this week on a secretive program by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to build a massive database of license plates images collected by automated license plate reader devices. As part of this investigation, emails released through the Freedom of Information Act detailed a planned cooperation between the DEA’s National License Plate Recognition initiative and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to scan and record the plates and vehicle images of gun show attendees.

"DEA Phoenix Division Office is working closely with ATF on attacking the guns going to [redacted] and the gun shows, to include programs/operation with LPRs at the gun shows,” reads an April 2009 email.

The time and place mentioned in the email coincides with known information on the Justice Department’sFast and Furious operation, a controversial "gunwalking” scandal that possibly transferred as many as 2,000 guns to drug traffickers in Mexico. That program was run out of the Phoenix ATF Field Divisionoffice, just two miles from the DEA office.

The DEA launched the license plate reader program in December 2008 after the November elections."

End excerpt.

How can we call America a free country when law-abiding citizens engaging in lawful activity are spied upon by the authorities? Why does this administration need a database such as this? It seems to me that they want to know who has weapons. Why?

When someone plans on seizing power, it is a good idea to first ascertain who has the means to oppose you.

obama hitler

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A New World Short Order Cook

A.J. Cameron

It is exciting to read someone who 'gets it', and is willing to state it with unvarnished truth.

We have no refuge with the GOP backstablishment at all levels of government. Our only refuge is through our Creator, Savior and Holy Spirit, for this is not a political battle, but a spiritual battle.


From the article:

"If you’ve already figured out a long time ago that both sides of the aisle are thoroughly corrupt, bought out puppets for banks and megacorporations, then you don’t even have to read this article unless you just want to see further proof than Rand Paul is exactly just such a puppet."


"SO THEN, if Rand Paul is really so pro freedom and national sovereignty as he claims, WHY then is he seen here giving a speech just a few months ago (which just so happened to coincide with the TPP ministerial meeting conducted October 19-24 in Sydney, Australia) urging Obama to prioritize the TPP by the year’s end?"


"But I’m not the only one. More people are catching on that this whole federal election game is totally rigged and no one even gets into the game unless they are selected. Because our presidents are all selected these days, not elected. Voting is just a stage show to make the American public (read: plebs) feel included when they cast a ballot between two false choices which will inevitably keep the oligarchy status quo as usual.

It was bad enough when Rand was just paling around with George P. Bush and going to secret powerbroker meetings with "Bush’s Brain” Karl Rove up on Mackinac Island… but this?

It’s treasonous. I wonder what his dad thinks.

Rand’s brand of fake tea party libertarian lite only fools people who are half asleep or are so desperate for hope and change they will lie to themselves. Hope and change didn’t work so well last time, did it? Well, it’s all fake "hope and change,” every four years. Stop buying it. Only people who don’t vote, as George Carlin would say, have a right to complain here."

End excerpts.

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January 30, 2015

Romney is Out - Thank Goodness!

Mitt Romney addresses supporters at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in ...

Timothy Birdnow

Mitt Romney is out.

Romney was a loser in the last election, and there was no reason to believe he would have any more success in 2016. He was, after all, the creator of what would become Obamacare, and he looks like a Ken doll and he is a classic upper white class stereotype.

Everyone is falling over themselves to claim Romney is such a man of principle and high character, and I beg to differ; Romney switched sides on socialized medicine, he has always advocated for open borders while claiming he does not, He called for bankruptcy bailouts for automakers and then changed his mind. He was for abortion before he was against it. He believed in global warming in 2011 and then said it wasn't happening by october of that same year. He was for gun control in Massachussetts and then he opposed gun control.

This bespeaks a man who lacks a core value system. How is this the decent, good man that everyone claims him to be?

People have also forgotten that Romney was brutal with other GOP oppenents - particularly conservatives - but played nice with Obama.

Mitt Romney is doubtlessly a nice man in his personal life. But he is weak and vacillating and chases political expediency rather than evincing a solid, principled core. And he is twice a loser; I'm glad he's dropped out.

Romney was the Establishment's conservative, a guy who approximates George W. Bush's philosophical position. Bush is as responsible for wrecking the country as anyone. We don't need another such.

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Ann Coulter has more balls than most of the U.S. Congress

Jack Kemp

A few years ago, at a rally in Bridgeport, Connecticut that met the Tea Party Express bus Lloyd Marcus was on (got to meet him also), I showed Ann Coulter a sign I made that had the above title to this piece. She asked if she could have the sign - and I of course said yes.

Ann Coulter graduated number one in her class at the U. of Michigan Law School. Here below is an example of why that was so. You go, girl!
Ann Coulter
January 28, 2015

The Republican leadership in Congress still hasn't held hearings on why college is so expensive, although I proposed the idea two weeks ago. Of course, it's been a month since the GOP took control of Congress, and they also haven't voided Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty, passed e-Verify, a fence bill or the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Act.

Democrats are on offense all the time, even when they've just had their legs cut off. They announce absurd agenda items and then indignantly demand to know why Republicans are refusing to deal with the free unicorn-rides proposal. Obama is a lame-duck president and, three months ago, his party was slaughtered in midterm elections. And yet, I gather that his State of the Union address consisted of a litany of insanely expensive, utterly pointless ideas.

And Republicans fall for it every time. They consider it a major victory to come back with a free-market approach to surrender.

In response to Obama's "free" community college idea, Republicans should say: We're not giving you anything, and, in fact, we're demanding answers from the entire "higher ed" establishment. You'll be surprised how liberating and fun it is to go on offense, Republicans.

The GOP needs to hold tobacco company-style hearings, hauling in the presidents of various universities and asking them to justify their multimillion-dollar salaries.

We want professors explaining, under penalty of perjury, exactly how much they make per hour for their rigorous schedules of two classes a week, summers off, and full-year "sabbaticals" every few terms.

Also, we'd like to know how driving the getaway car for a cop-killer constitutes a qualification to teach college.

College professors relentlessly hound the rest of society for its crimes -- racism, sexism, "white privilege" -- look what you're doing to the environment! Why are we paying them, again? There's no visible reason most of these people should be teaching at all. How about they explain their value to the taxpayers who subsidize their cushy lives?

Other than engineers, economists and quarterbacks, no one acquires any marketable knowledge at college. The sole purpose of a degree is to function as a substitute IQ test. If employers were allowed to give applicants 15-minute intelligence tests, they'd have the exact same information as knowing what college a person attended.

But they can't do that, so families have to spend a quarter of a million dollars to give their kids the parchment equivalent of an IQ score. High school kids who get into good schools should present employers with their college acceptance letters and skip the going-to-college part.

Republicans need to force colleges to issue reports, just like drug companies, attesting to the average cost, and the average salary, for every degree. It will cost you $160,000 to receive a degree in Spanish literature and will take you 88 years to pay that back.

Trust Ann -- liberals will go wild. That's how you'll know you've struck gold.

They will scream bloody murder, accuse Republicans of "McCarthyism," say it's too burdensome to collect this information and how can you put a dollar value on a college education?

They better be able to put a dollar value on a college degree! That's how it's being sold. Obama doesn't say it's important to go to college to learn to think analytically, read critically or be exposed to different ideas -- none of which occurs at most colleges, anyway.

No, that's not the pitch. The pitch is: You're going to fail in this economy without a college degree!

If colleges really believe their product is worth anything, why don't they guarantee their own student loans? Why should taxpayers be on the hook for everyone's tuition?

According to the colleges, their graduates are going to earn all sorts of money! At least that's what they say when they're conning teenagers into taking out colossal student loans.

"It's burdensome" is not an excuse accepted by the government in any other context. It doesn't work for businesses being forced to come up with reams of information for the IRS, the EPA or OSHA. And the taxpayer isn't on the hook for the deceptive promises of any other industry -- except hucksters for home mortgages and student loans.

I would like to hear college presidents explain that what they do is totally different from any other company.

Democrats need to be exposed as hustlers for the most fraudulent, overpriced scam in the country. There's no other industry that has politicians flacking for it, much less conniving to prevent consumers from getting truthful information about the merchandise.

Going after Big Education is all upside for the GOP. College professors and administrators already vote 98 percent for the Democrats. In fact, it's a triple-play for Republicans: They would punish a liberal constituency, strike a blow against the principal vehicle of liberal indoctrination in America, and the middle class will love it.

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Ebola in Sacramento?

... Ebola patients, including new HAZMAT suits. (Photo: Mark Davis / WTNH...
Timothy Birdnow

Has Ebola broken out at UC Davis?

Possible Sacramento Ebola Case... San Francisco 49ers Owner Jed York ...

From NBC Bay Area News:

"A patient being treated at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento is suspected of having Ebola.

Hospital staff could be seen outside the facility Thursday morning wearing protective medical suits.

"A patient with symptoms consistent with Ebola infection was transferred to UC Davis Medical Center Thursday morning from Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento,” UC Davis said in a statement. "UC Davis, identified by the California Department of Public Health as a priority hospital to treat confirmed Ebola patients, is fully prepared to safely assess and treat the patient if necessary in accordance with guidelines established by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

The public can still access other parts of the medical center.

The emergency room at Mercy General was closed for cleaning, a hospital spokesperson said, KCRA-TV reporter Sharokina Shams wrote on Twitter. The spokesperson said the ER was expected to reopen sometime Thursday afternoon, Shams reported.

The patient, who recently traveled abroad, is considered "low risk" and had no known contact with infected people, according to a Sacramento County Health Department spokesperson."

End excerpt.

So, Ebola may be in California. Measles at Disneyland, Ebola at the state Capitol. What would have happened had the patient first been at Disneyland?

What is bothersome about this whole thing is the arrogance; the authorities think they know so many things that just aren't so, and with a mutating disease like ebola what they know is in triplicate. But for political reasons we are told to move along, nothing to see here, while danger lurks in the dark shadows, perhaps a rough beast about to slouch to Gomorrah.

Yes, ebola is generally transmitted through bodily fluids, but this is not always the case, and there are a number of papers available that make the case for airborn ebola. One of the great fears of people who actually work with the stuff is that it will become a flu-like disease.

If that weren't the case, why wear space suits when dealing with suspected cases?

There is much the government isn't telling us.
Breaking: Possible Ebola Case in California | GuerillaMediaNetwork.com
Hat tip; The Gateway Pundit

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January 29, 2015

China Prepares to Attack Japan

Timothy Birdnow

David Archibald delineates a frightening bit of evidence that China is preparing to invade Japan. From American Thinker:

"The image shows the construction of ten helipads with trenching around them. The trenching would be for individual fuel lines to each helipad. This is an expeditionary helipad complex. Flights of ten helicopters would fly in from the mainland, refuel as quickly as possible, and then fly on to the Senkakus.

This kind of refueling arrangement is done only if you are going to war. In about 1937, a Royal Air Force pilot visiting a German airbase realized that a war was coming when he saw the refuelling points around the airbase’s apron.

The first place that the Chinese helicopter attack will be spotted from is the new Taiwanese radar station on Leshan Mountain (24° 30’N, 121° 04’E). This is the most powerful Pave Paws radar built to date. It can see 3,100 miles into Chinese airspace and, for example, detected a North Korean missile launch before Japan did."

End excerpt.

How many brushfire wars are about to break out? World War is nigh

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My Problem with Sarah Palin

Selwyn Duke

With Sarah Palin once again hinting at a presidential run, pundits and politics wonks are all the more aflutter with 2016 talk. The predictable slings and arrows of the surly left are coming her way, while her excited fans are firing up the troops. Then there are those who say that while they like the ex-governor, they don’t believe she could win the presidency. My focus, however, is a bit different: I have an objection to Palin -- one relating to something of which most are unaware.

Before getting to that, please indulge me as I ask a few questions that establish where we all stand. Are you adamantly pro-life, or might your position change if (as in polling) the question is framed as a woman’s "right to choose”? Do you stand foursquare against amnesty, or could you be persuaded to accept a "path to citizenship” for illegals? Do you uphold the proper and only definition of marriage, or have the unrelenting attacks on tradition worn you down to a point where you might conclude, "Well, none of this affects me, anyway”?

If you’re unwavering on all those issues, as I am, you’re a real Sarah Palin conservative.

Or are you?

You see, I’m pretty sure how Palin would answer those questions -- and one answer is a real problem.

On October 26, 2008, Palin had an interview with Jorge Ramos of Spanish-language network Univision. She was asked about amnesty: "So you support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants?”

Her answer: "I do because I understand why people would want to be in America. To seek the safety and prosperity, the opportunities, the health that is here. It is so important that yes, people follow the rules so that people can be treated equally and fairly in this country.”

Sarah Palin supported amnesty…in so many words.

See if you can put enough lipstick on that pig.

Now, since our country is subject to a somewhat planned invasion that’s changing its face and involves the importation of leftist voters-to-be, I consider any pro-amnesty position a deal-breaker. I’ve been front and center on the issue, so much so that Pat Buchanan saw fit to quote me in his book Death of the West. I even stated "Marco Rubio is dead to me” after he supported the Gang of Eight amnesty group in 2013. And, believe me, I once had high hopes for the photogenic, articulate Rubio. But my principles aren’t negotiable (especially the one in question here).

Some may now say that Palin had to play ball, as she was running for the White House in 2008 with amnesty poster boy John McCain.

But as they say back home, that dog don’t hunt -- certainly not grizzly in Alaska.

Remember that Palin has been billed by supporters as a breath of fresh air, the un-politician, a principled crusader and transformational figure. Her whole stated appeal is based on the notion that she’s not just another politician who goes along to get along.

But on Oct 26, 2008 she gave a quintessential politician-like answer. And on one of the biggest issues of our time.

Yet there’s more than just Palin’s words on immigration. There are also her actions -- or perhaps inaction. As Examiner.com’s Victor Medina wrote in 2013 citing Lou Dobb’s reportage, "Palin did not appear to act on the fact that Alaska hosted two ‘sanctuary cities.’” As Dobbs put it, related Medina, "Alaska and Oregon both have state-wide policies that forbid state agencies from using resources to enforce federal immigration law. Apparently, this is by design from the highest levels” (emphasis added).

Now, since I’ve learned the hard way that criticizing Palin alienates some of my usual readers, I’ll state that I bear her no special animus. She’s no different from 1000 other politicians who either don’t understand the true impact of immigration (and a lot of other things) or have principles whose malleability is proportional to the power at stake. But that’s the point.

Palin is no different from 1000 other politicians.

This brings us to her true appeal. And if you’re a fan of hers, please try to take a step back, if you can, and view the matter from an emotional distance.

Question: can you cite for me one novel or unusually insightful thing Palin has ever said?

Just one.


Politics wonk that I am, I can’t think of anything. Don’t misunderstand me, there’s nothing wrong with most of what she does say; it’s conservative boilerplate, and that’s where you generally start. But that again is the point.

Palin says nothing 1000 politicians haven’t said before her.

So I ask, what’s her true appeal, really?

Let’s be honest, if we can’t point to even one thing that makes a much ballyhooed politician substantively different from less touted co-ideologists, the process of elimination tells us where the greater appeal must lie.


It’s not Palin’s oratory, either. Oh, it’s not bad, but she’s no Reagan or Alan Keyes. The difference is what she is.

No one would be talking about Palin if she weren’t attractive and female.

This is true even if, by chance, John McCain would have been willing to choose a "Scott” Palin to be his running-mate (which he wouldn’t have).

It’s the phenomenon I expounded upon in "Cultural Affirmative Action” and "The New Chivalry”: "when people in the market and media privilege others -- sometimes unconsciously -- based upon the latter’s identification with a ‘victim group.’”

And most every politically aware person grasps this phenomenon to some degree. The late Geraldine Ferraro addressed Barack Obama’s meteoric political rise in 2008 and said, "If Obama was [sic] a white man, he would not be in this position.” And Ferraro had noted herself that she wouldn’t have been the 1984 vice-presidential candidate were she not a woman. It’s the same reason, by the way, why Fox News hires a large number of attractive female hosts and pundits. Do you think it’s a coincidence? Is the largely conservative audience so taken with them solely because of their minds?

The fact is that it’s impossible to not benefit from fairer-sex status in politics today; it even elevates your brand among conservatives, though it’s difficult convincing many conservatives they’re thus influenced. With many motivations being unconscious, it’s common for people to not be completely aware of what drives them. How many Americans voted for Obama in 2008 without fully grasping the degree to which electing "the first black president” and wanting to feel unbigoted and open-minded influenced them?

This isn’t to say Palin fans don’t have some legitimate reasons to support her, only that the kind of heroine worship and savior-status attribution evident in some quarters -- support vastly in excess of what boilerplate conservatism warrants -- is due to a purely emotional reaction stoked by image and hope. Many conservatives, knowing that having a female or minority presidential candidate is advantageous today, want to believe in the Great Female Hope. Moreover, there is this politically correct notion, now seamlessly woven into our culture, of female specialness and superiority. So many today are looking for a woman to save us.

Then there’s simply the matter of conservative female politicians’ relative rarity (even many GOP women officeholders are quite liberal); it’s easier to be seen as a standout when you stand out.

So the perhaps unwelcome message here is this: as with the 2008 Barack Obama, Palin is a cult of personality.

If even now you count yourself a Palinista, realize that I’m not emotionally invested in the matter. After all, I know that political remedies won’t cure what at bottom are cultural problems, anyway. It’s also true that like so many other politicians, Palin demonstrates the ability to evolve. And at least she’s evolved in the right direction: two years ago she called the 2013 Gang-of-Eight Rubio "Judas” in a tweet. I only wonder what she now really thinks, deep down, about the 2008 Palin.

Contact Selwyn Duke selwynduke@optonline.net, follow him on Twitter selwynduke@optonline.net or log on to SelwynDuke.com

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Measles in Disneyland

Timothy Birdnow

The measles outbreak at Disneyland is "100% related to the antivaccination movement" according to Dr. James Cherry. From The American Council on Science and Health:

"Dr. James Cherry, a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases at the University of California – Los Angeles, said the outbreak was "100 percent connected” to the anti-vaccine movement. "It wouldn’t have happened otherwise—it wouldn’t have gone anywhere,” he said. Indeed, when a high enough level of protection among a community (vaccination rates above 95 percent) against a contagious disease is achieved, herd immunity helps contain the spread of the disease, even among those not vaccinated. While the overall vaccination exemption rate in California was 3.1 percent in the last school year, there are still "pockets” of communities where vaccination rates are dangerously low. Particularly, it was reported late last year that certain wealthy schools in West Hollywood and Los Angeles have vaccination rates as low as South Sudan. As a result of the outbreak, health officials in Orange County issued a statement saying that students who did not have documentation for measles vaccination would not be allowed to attend class—more than 20 were sent home from one Orange County high school.

End excerpt.

If by anti-vaccination movement he means illegal aliens who come here without proper vaccination courses, then maybe he's right. It clearly ties to improper vaccination. What is glaring is the unwillingness to point to the people least likely to be vaccinated and in California.

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Flaming Yak Poop Hazardous to your Health

Timothy Birdnow

What's brown and sounds like a bell? Dung!

Or fuel, if you prefer. In Tibet, they are often the same thing.

But it turns out that burning Yak poop has, uh, unhealthy side effects. From the article:

"Xiao also surveyed members of 23 households on energy use and awareness of indoor air pollution. The families said they spent an average of 16 hours a day indoors during the colder months of the year.

Seventy percent of those surveyed said that they were aware of the health problems associated with indoor air pollution, and some of them did not have the economic means to purchase a chimney. (The average annual income per household is less than $900 a year, and a chimney costs around $60.)

The moisture content of the yak dung is another key factor in the emission levels, Saikawa says. After a rain or snowfall, the piles of uncovered dung are moist, leading to incomplete combustion and more emissions of fine particulate matter due to increased organic carbon by smoldering."

End excerpt.

Whoda thunk flaming poo would be unhealthy?

But this is clearly "green" energy, the kind the Gang Green tells us we should embrace. Ann Coulter said it best - normal people try to move the crap OUT of their homes but liberals want to play with it.

Turns out it isn't conducive to good health after all...

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The Post WWII Allied-Occupied Fashion Police

Jack Kemp

With the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in the news, I recalled a subtle yet horrific newspaper story my mother told me decades ago, from the time she lived in the American occupied Southern Sector of West Germany, circa 1948.

A refugee woman from Eastern Europe (it could have been either a Jewess or a Gentile - it was not made clear to me) was walking down the street in a German city when she saw another woman wearing what she immediately recognized as her (murdered) mother's fur coat. She made an uproar and summoned the police who took such claims very seriously in those days of military occupation. Both women proceeded with the polceman to the station house where the refugee described the markings inside the coat in great detail. The current owner took off the coat and the marking were indeed there, just as described. This coat had clearly been shipped or carried back to Germany by some soldier or SS official. The police, convinced the charge of a stolen garment was accurate, immediately turned over the fur coat to the surviving daughter. One can only imagine the looks exchanged by the two women.

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St. Louis trained lawyer & former minor league pitcher takes on MLBaseball

Jack Kemp

It's a fascinating story from the liberal free NY paper (yes, that's why I "bought it") the Village Voice about attempting to get a minimum wage. This guy essentially was paid $3 an hour before law school. Here is the first page of four. You have to go to the website link to read the rest.


Meet the Ex-Pitcher Whose Fair-Pay Lawsuit Is a Sore Spot for Major League Baseball

ByMitch RyalsTue., Jan. 27 2015 at 3:11 PM

Photo: Steve Truesdell
Garrett Broshuis struggled financially during his six-year tour in the minors. Now the recent law school grad has filed a first-of-its-kind lawsuit accusing Major League Baseball of violating federal wage laws.
Garrett Broshuis remembers heading from the diamond to the locker roomback in April 2009 when his coach called him into the office. Broshuis's knees seemed to register the significance of the invite as quickly as his brain, causing the six-foot-two-inch pitcher to wobble awkwardly. Having spent five years in the San Francisco Giants farm system, Broshuis knew it was never a good thing to be called into the coach's office, especially on the last day of spring training.
"I was basically told that I didn't have a future in the Giants organization," recalls the ex-athlete, who, as a pitcher for the University of Missouri–Columbia Tigers, went 11-0 his senior year, tying a school record. But the Giants didn't completely sever ties with Broshuis that day. Instead, the organization gave him the option to ride out the season as a "filler," a sparring partner of sorts for guys who — unlike him — might actually have a shot at the bigs.
Broshuis(pronouncedBRUSH-house) decided to play on. For one, he wasn't quite ready to give up on the dream he'd held since his days as a Little League star back in the small southeastern Missouri town of Advance. Also, he needed his minor-league paycheck, even if what he earned was a pittance.
When the Giants scooped Broshuis up in the fifth round of the 2004 draft, the club threw in a handsome $160,000 signing bonus — an amount that would prove to be more than he'd ever earn in wages while toiling for the organization's minor-league affiliates. Throughout his entire six years within the farm system, Broshuis figures his hourly pay was less than minimum wage.
Courtesy Garrett Broshuis
After tying a University of Missouri record for wins in a season, Broshuis would go on to make less than minimum wage playing for the San Francisco Giants organization, including a stint with its former double-A franchise, the Connecticut Defenders.
In that final season playing for the Giants' double-A affiliate, the former Connecticut Defenders, Broshuis spent long bus rides up and down the East Coast studying for the LSAT. Law school, he hoped, would offer him what baseball — the minors, anyway — could not: a career that could provide for him and his family. Moreover, law school might offer him a chance to right a wrong in minor-league paychecks.
Now, five years after hanging up his cleats, Broshuis has returned to baseball, albeit in a manner much different from before. Last March the newly minted attorney — just a year out of Saint Louis University School of Law — filed a first-of-its-kind class-action lawsuit against Major League Baseball, alleging that it is in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act for routinely paying minor-league players less than minimum wage and denying them overtime wages.
"Since minor-leaguers do not belong to a union, nothing has prevented [MLB] from artificially and illegally depressing minor-league wages," states the suit, which includes at least one player from all 30 Major League teams.
In baseball parlance, the legal claim is the equivalent of a 95-mph brushback pitch, and Bud Selig and others at the commissioner's office aren't the only ones who have taken note. In the past six months, scores of media outlets as diverse as theWall Street JournalandMother Joneshave written about Broshuis and his David-versus-Goliath fight against MLB.
It's not exactly how the ex-ballplayer imagined he'd make a name for himself in the sport he loves, but it may eventually benefit the game more than any of his on-field accomplishments ever could — and, if successful, might lead Broshuis to his ultimate goal of unionizing minor-league baseball.

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Obama Loses Foreign Students and other Acts of Islamic Aggression

Timothy Birdnow

Barack Obama has "lost" thousands of foreign students in the United States on student visas.

From Conservative HQ:

"Our friends at NumbersUSA passed us an ABC News report that the Department of Homeland Security lost track of, and is now pursuing, over 6,000 foreign students who are deemed to be of "heightened concern.” DHS told ABC that about 58,000 foreign students had overstayed their visa but the vast majority are not being sought.

The student visa program has been plagued with problems for years. Congress targeted the program for reform after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks. The hijacker who flew a plane into the Pentagon had entered the country on a student visa but did not attend school."


"And several culprits involved with the most major terrorist attacks in modern history were allowed entrance into the U.S. on student visas.

Most notably, Hani Hanjour, one of the 9/11 hijackers of the plane that was flown into the Pentagon, came to the U.S. on a student visa. The 9/11 C012.ommission later found that he never even showed up for class.

Likewise, Eyad Ismoil, one of the men who drove a van packed with explosives into the garage underneath the World Trade Center during the 1993 bombing of the facility, also entered the U.S. on a student visa. He overstayed the visa by several years to begin planning the attack."

End excerpts.

America has gone mad. We have thrown our southern border wide open. We have invited huge numbers of "refugees" from places like Syria to immigrate legally, despite the real danger of terrorists being mixed in with the largely Islamic immigrants. We a 66% uptick in immigration to the U.S. by Muslims, with Islam now being the fastest growing religion in America. Three hundred thousand Muslims have come to America since 2012.

We fought long, destructive wars in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and covertly around the world to stop terrorism, and for what? To import terrorism to our own shores. And what is Barack Obama doing? His State Department recently hosted with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the very same group ousted from power for attempting to transform Egypt into a Sharia compliant hellhole. And Mr. Obama has a "no touch" terrorist list.

There are other reasons to believe Mr. Obama may hold unusual sympathies toward Islamic monsters.

I'm sorry, but does anybody really believe any of this is accidental?

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Violence at Police Review Board Meeting; the Fruits of Negotiating with Terrorists

Surprise! RIOT BREAKS OUT at St. Louis Civilian Review Board Meeting # ...

Timothy Birdnow

It is a standard police of the United States government not to negotiate with terrorists. Why? Because that is exactly what the terrorists want, and to open negotiations is to give in to their tactics.

That is why the St. Louis review board is a bad idea.

The purpose of the board is to build a bridge between the aggrieved criminals, er, citizens of the community and law enforcement. The reality is it is being run by a bunch of Democrats and will serve primarily as a political tool.

Well, a brouhaha erupted last night. at the St. Louis Aldermanic Council meeting where the bill to establish the review board was being considered.

According to KMOV, the local CBS affiliate:

"Witnesses told News 4 the fight began when a woman, who was getting ready to leave, was pushed aside by the Business Manager of the St. Louis Police Officers Association, Jeff Roorda. Roorda was addressing 18th Ward Alderman Terry Kennedy at the time of the alleged incident.

A News 4 camera was inside the City Hall room and captured the hectic scene. At the start of the video you can hear St. Louis Police Officer Curtis Burgdorf addressing the committee along with grumblings from the crowd. Seconds later, Roorda asks Alderman Kennedy to bring the crowd to order. When the camera shifts to capture Roorda, he begins walking towards the front of the room when he encounters Cachet Currie, the woman who claims she was pushed. When Roorda and Currie come near one another the scuffle ensues. From News 4’s camera angle it is hard to tell who initiates contact.

"I was literally just trying to leave the meeting and I got caught in whatever Roorda and Kennedy had going on in their exchange," said Currie. "Roorda just jumped out into the aisle, pushed me over, and tried to get to Kennedy. I'm like 'wait a minute, don't push me.' Then he started going off on me, pushing me. Some man grabbed me by the hair, just started trying to throw punches at me. From there it just went wild.”

Roorda called the hearing a "sham" that lacked any type of order. He said the anti-police crowd members did not like it when he asked the committee chair to bring the crowd to order.

"As I tried to exit the aisle I was in, the woman was standing in the way,” Roorda said. "She began elbowing me and pushing, trying to keep me from getting out. As I tried to exit, she continued to do that. Two or three other anti-police radicals rushed over and things escalated from there.”

Roorda told News 4 he did not push Currie."

End excerpt.

Roorda, a state legislator, was wearing a bracelet showing solidarity with Officer Darren Wilson, the maligned police officer who was forced to shoot "Big Mike" Brown after Brown assaulted him and tried to take his gun.

The bill to establish the review board is being sponsored by Antonio French, a City alderman who was an active participant in the Ferguson riots.

Given the fact that the "hands up, don't shoot" crowd has invaded private property, assaulted innocent citizens, started altercations around the metropolitan area, and generally gone out of their way to pick fights, does anybody other than the media really believe Roorda started this? Is it any surprise violence erupted at this meeting? The people who have been pushing things for the last several months have been thugs and terrorists, and this is more of the same - an attempt to silence their opponents through thuggery.

When those charged with maintaining law and order surrender to demands by criminals there will be chaos. There is a reason why we do not negotiate with terrorists. This whole Ferguson business has been nothing but negotiating and excusing terroristic behavior and giving in to demands under duress. That is why this has dragged on so long.

And remember, George Soros pumped $33 million dollars into this; it is not a spontaneous display of anger but a carefully orchestrated campaign of violence. President Obama never condemned the rioting. Eric Holder came to St. Louis but did not come out strongly against the violence. This is the sort of political chaos that a community organizer who has cut his teeth on Saul Alinsky tactics would promote.

Revolution is not a taking of power from one group by another. It is, rather, a breaking of the institutions, a forced surrender on multiple fronts by those holding power. The resulting power vacuum opens the door for those best prepared. What has been happening across the country is a classic example of an attempted revolution; sew chaos, demand reforms that weaken the Law, sew more chaos, lather, rinse, repeat. The idea is to wear down the populace, who will eventually accept anything to restore order.

America does not negotiate with terrorists, unless those terrorists ultimately work for the government.

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January 28, 2015

Russia Downgraded to Junk Status

Timothy Birdnow

The S&P has downgraded Russia to junk bond status. What does that mean? Here is an interesting analysis.

From Bloomberg:

"S&P said Russia's weaker economic prospects justified the decision to cut the credit rating to below investment grade. The action on sovereign debt will be followed by many other downgrades of Russian corporate bonds and banks. In addition, it is likely other rating companies will follow S&P's lead.

By excluding investors who are restricted from buying junk bonds -- such as investment-grade only corporate funds and some core bond investors -- the immediate impact of the downgrade will be to narrow the universe of buyers of Russian debt, especially if other agencies follow suit. The downgrade could also force some existing holders to sell, limiting the appetite of high-yield investors and buyers of distressed debt to step in despite the attraction of wide spreads.

Q: What does this mean for Russia?

A: It will worsen the country's economic and financial implosion.

The Russian economy is already battling the combined impact of sharply lower oil export revenues, Western sanctions and domestic economic mismanagement. The downgrade is likely to lead to further currency depreciation, capital flight, and could advance the timetable for import and capital controls."

End excerpt.

That is why Russia has been playing chicken with the U.S. and other Western countries; they need to distract the public from the mess they are making. Putin cannot afford to back down over Ukraine, and the price of oil keeps tanking with no end in sight. Russia is an example of what happens when you rely on military power and do not diversify.

Now Russia will not get their debt financed.

If push comes to shove Putin will invade Ukraine proper, and maybe Latvia to boot. Syria also presents a dangerous theatre. But make no mistake; if it gets too bad Putin will start a war.

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Times black writer admits son detained by BLACK cop at Yale!

Jack Kemp

i can't copy the Newbuster text, but the Yale campus policeman who pulled a gun on a black NY Times' writer's son was also black.


After Times writer Charles Blow tried to milk this story for all the white guilt he could, the truth came out in a black website named The Root (see below). And Yale U. also stated as much, a situation that Charles Blow found convenient to have selective amnesia concerning this detail.

The black websiteThe Rootreported Yale officials put out a campus-wide e-mail announcing the police officer was black. Yale’s president, dean and (black) police chief announced:
Let us be clear: we have great faith in the Yale Police Department and admire the professionalism that its officers display on a daily basis to keep our campus safe. What happened on Cross Campus on Saturday is not a replay of what happened in Ferguson; Staten Island; Cleveland; or so many other places in our time and over time in the United States. The officer, who himself is African American, was responding to a specific description relayed by individuals who had reported a crime in progress.
The suspect in the "crime in progress” was apprehended by Yale police nearby a short time later.
- See more at:http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2015/01/28/race-matters-ny-times-columnist-charles-blow-omits-his-son-detained#sthash.Xd3pORyn.dpuf

Yale on the Detainment of Charles Blow’s Son: This Isn’t Ferguson

In an email sent to the campus community, Yale’s leaders expressed empathy for how closely the incident harks back to the #BlackLivesMatters movement—but maintained that it’s not exactly that.
Posted:Jan. 27 2015 8:07 AM

New York Times columnist Charles BlowTwitter
Yale’s president, dean and chief of police, in an email to the campus community Monday, described how even though Charles Blow’s son—a junior at Yale—fit the description of a burglary suspectat the time he was detained, the fact that the officer drew his weapon during the incident "requires a careful review.”
"For this reason, the Yale Police Department’s Internal Affairs unit is conducting a thorough and expeditious investigation of the circumstances surrounding the incident, and will report the findings of that investigation to us,” Yale’s leaders stated in the email.
The email revealed more information about the incident that had Blow, a New York Times columnist, sounding off on Twitter about how this was the latest example of black people being unfairly "accosted” by police. According to the email, the officer who detained Blow’s son was also African American.
The email noted that Americans are in the middle of a national conversation about excessive police force used against African Americans and the ugly ways in which racial bias rears itself in law enforcement.

"Many in our community felt personal pain upon reading accounts of this incident on social media and in the press as they saw national debates about race, policing and the use of force become a very local and personal story,” Yale leaders explained in the email."We share these feelings and recognize that the interest in and reaction to this incident underscore that the work of making our campus and our society more inclusive, just and safe remains an imperative for all of us.”
Yale’s president, dean and police chief said that they did not think this incident was a regurgitation of what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., or Eric Garner in New York City. They said that because Blow’s son fit the description of the burglary suspect, down to what he was wearing, Blow’s son’s detainment—save for the drawing of the cop’s weapon—was "reasonable.”
The email stated that when Internal Affairs’ investigation concludes, the findings will be released to the campus community.
Yale’s leaders underscored the need to continue to have discussions about how race and law enforcement intersect, and that Yale is committed to engaging those issues.

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