Jack Kemp, I did not do that at all. If you read any of that, you read it in the commentary. I asked a simple question specific to the giant statue of the Confederate soldier that stands by our public library and is found centrally located in many southern towns and some people were kind enough to answer and try to help me understand. I have read the entire commentary on my article and it started out in straightforward fashion until one commentator said he thought I was a troll or felt myself superior as a 'Yankee' (btw, Brits call all Americans Yankees; it is not meant to be a pejorative term) and was subtly trying to lord it over the South. None of this had even entered my thought when I submitted that article. But once somebody suggested that about me, the conversation turned and the personal attacks began. I read much of this to my husband last night and he could not believe it. He said, "But they sound like liberals! That's what liberals do -- attack people personally and start name calling." He's right. Ann Coulter's book, "How to Talk to a Liberal" could more aptly addressed to some conservatives as well, according to the commentary here on AT, sad to say.