April 19, 2024

By Their Fruits

Timothy Birdnow

This is as true of Mike Pence and Mike Johnson as it is of Missouri's Evangelical Governor Mike Parsons. There is a strain of Judas in many Evangelicals these days, a strain of folks more interested in following only half of the Word of God and ignoring the other half.

From Pence to Johnson, America’s evangelicals are failing their political mandate


In our era, we have created a new heresy — we have "sanitized” scripture.

Witness the bipartisan betrayal that played out in Congress this week. In the face of an ongoing border invasion, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) violated every morsel of his mandate as a public servant to betray his base while Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) similarly violated every morsel of his mandate to reward his.

Anybody know the exchange rate these days for 30 pieces of silver?

Johnson, aka Mr. Biblical Worldview, has taken the baton boldly from his nicer-than-God forebear, Mike Pence. Both men rose to a level of political power beyond that of any other evangelical in their generation. And both men sadly, but perfectly, personify the piety-over-conviction, flight-over-fight cowardice that has infested too many of America’s evangelical pulpits at great cost to the message and the mission of Christianity. (See Pence and his feckless leadership of the COVID Task Force as Exhibit A.)


And now, just one generation later, we have ended up with soft-headed, sweater-vested, pleated khakied beta males like Pence and Johnson who think they are "loving their neighbors as they love themselves” by siding with the enemy against their own God.

Many evangelical churches cater week after week, year after year, to those who have rejected God but are repackaged as "$eeker$.” If that sounds like a grift, it is. But you ask, doesn’t mercy triumph over judgment? Yes. But it doesn’t cancel it. There is still a hell, and people are sadly going there each day. And one of the reasons why is this sanitized-for-your-comfort heresy that makes church normies think they’re saved when they’re really false converts.


And neither will the bride (the church) adequately succeed her groom (Christ) by peaking at mere conversion. "By their fruit you will know them,” our Lord says. Well, Pence and Johnson may be the most high-profile and influential evangelicals of their generation. In Johnson’s case, he’s one or two heartbeats away from holding the most powerful office on the planet. Yet what does the fruit of their public service reveal about them and the pastors who mentored them?

The verdict is in. The evangelical church clearly failed such men and legions more. We needed Daniels. We needed Nehemiahs. Instead, they gave us Jezebels.

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Johnson - The Democrat's Speaker

Timothy Birdnow

The House Rule Committee passed the foreign aid package out of committee with more Democrat than Republican votes - a first in American history, according to Breitbart.

What is the point of electing Republicans to power when they fornicate with the Democrats? Johnson may as well switch parties and be done with it.

BTW there is no reason to make funding to Ukraine and Israel one bill and by keeping them split you put Joe Biden in the hot seat. What the appropriately named Johnson has done is toss Biden a lifeline by allowing him to sign one bill and thus letting him off the hook. With a stand-alone bill Biden would either sign it and enrage the leftist kiddie kooks in his party or veto it and enrage Jewish voters. Now he can sign it and excuse himself because it was part of a package deal.

Johnson is both a fool and a jerk.

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Israeli Counter-Strike

Timothy Birdnow

Israel strikes back at Iran.

We edge ever closer to the Big One.

How is it Iran has the funds to fight Israel?

Here's one reason.

Biden let them sell oil and now they are rolling in the dough.

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Ideology-Driven Hack

Diane Kimura

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger says that Wikipedia has been ideologically corrupted, raises the possibility that Katherine Maher collaborated with U.S. intelligence, and says that, if NPR were committed to truth, it would fire her "right away."

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Riley's Killer Released

Timothy Birdnow

Jose Ibarra, murderer of Lakin Riley, was just released from prison due to "lack of space".

Laken Riley murder suspect released over lack of detention space

So people who trespassed at the U.S. Capitol, or even just made a few remarks encouraging others to do so, go to prison for decades and an illegal alien who murdered an American girl gets released on his own recognizance. Something is seriously wrong here.

This kind of thing is going to lead to vigilantism - and it should.

The Mafia began as a vigilante' organization in Sicily that meted out justice where the corrupt authorities refused to give it. It operated as a secret government. As it had no taxing authority it decided to take such authority upon itself via criminal activity. Nobody wants the Mafia back but the conditions are becoming quite similar in America and the forces that created the Mafia are at work here now. We are going to see a return to organized crime, and especially this kind of organized crime.

Granted, the technology makes it much harder to pull off these days. But there is no lock that cannot be picked. And the profits are going to be so high that eventually the Mafia and other gangsters will get in on it.

If nothing else the Russian or Albanian gangs are going to get in on this.

Deny people justice, deny them security, and they will make their own.

Update: apparently this is an older story from a time when he was released prior. https://twitter.com/CitizenFreePres/status/1781162826087698664

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April 18, 2024

Hil and the BHO Running Biden

Timothy Birdnow

O'Keefe is behind the curve:

BREAKING: O’Keefe Media Uncovers who is really running the White House. Undercover cameras catch Special Advisor @SBAgov call former @facebook Board Member @WHCOS @ZientsJeff27574 "the second most powerful person in Washington” where "whatever this guy says, it’s what the… pic.twitter.com/vLeollXEFX

— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) April 17, 2024

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Biden Now Thinks Uncle Eaten by Cannibals

Timothy Birdnow

Biden; my uncle was eaten by cannibals.

Except it never happened.

I imagine Biden was watching reruns of Gilligans Island again.

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Dems Launder Donations to Pay Biden Legal Bills

Timothy Birdnow

Isn't this illegal? It certainly is unethical as they did NOT tell the donors that they were doing this with the money (unlike Trump who made it quite clear.)

DNC uses political donations to pay Biden's legal fees from special counsel Robert Hur's investigation

"Since last year, the party committee has paid the law firm of Bob Bauer, the lead attorney representing Biden in Hur's investigation more than $1 million -- roughly $150,000 a month -- from July 2023 through February 2024, the party committee's most recent disclosures show.


The DNC since last year has also paid roughly $905,000 to Hemenway & Barnes LLP, the law firm of Jennifer Miller, who is named as one of the attorneys that had represented Biden in the special counsel probe, disclosure filings show.


The Democratic Party providing financial support for Biden's legal challenges comes amid their intense criticism of the Republican Party's fundraising for and paying of former President Donald Trump's mounting stack of legal bills over the years.

Just last week, the Biden campaign's finance chair Rufus Gifford said on MSNBC that "every single dime that you give to the Biden-Harris reelection campaign, we spend talking to voters."

"We are not spending money on legal bills," Gifford said. "We are not hawking gold sneakers, or any of that stuff. The money that we are raising, we are going straight to voters."

Strange how forked their tongues are now shown to be.

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Biden Reimposes Venezuelan Sanctions

Timothy Birdnow

Joe Biden throws in the towel and reimposes sanctions on Venezuela - after wrecking the efforts of the Trump Administration, which had Communist President Madura under serious pressure.

Biden ended the Trump sanctions, ostensibly to try to encourage Madura to reform but in reality to increase  the amount of oil on the market temporarily so Democrats could win the off-year elections. Even though I'm sure he wants that now he cannot do it and cannot profit by it so he'll throw a bone to the environmentalists and at the same time make it look like he's tough.

He's doing what he should never have undone in the first place.

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Ex General Fears "cycle of violence" if Israel Attacks Iraq!

Timothy Birdnow

A retired Israeli general is cautioning Israel not to attack Iran directly.Retired Maj. Gen. Giora Eiland spoke to ABC News about possible Israeli responses.

Here is the money quote:

"However, Eiland said a direct military strike against Iran would risk sparking "a real cycle of violence" between Israel and Iran that would endanger the entire region."

Yeah; that's a real cause for concern! Iran will be just fine if Israel simply pretends they didn't attack them!

We live in a world governed by the very stupidest of people. How did this two watt bulb ever become a general in the IDF?

It is by ignoring violence that one encourages it. That is statecraft 101; you must respond in kind when attacked. Anything less signals weakness and invites more attacks.

I don't know how the droolcup set has taken all positions of authority in this world but they seem to have done so quite effectively. This is what happens when you let Progressives teach a whole generation their values.

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California Refuses to Outlaw Sex Trafficking

Diane Kimura

California’s Senate Democrats Rejected Bill to Make Purchasing 16, 17-year-olds for Sex a Felony.

Democrats rejected Bill authored by Sen. Shannon Grove to make the buying of children for sex a prison felony, and hijacked her bill forcing hostile amendments by denying Grove’s efforts to protect 16 and 17-year-old children from being purchased as part of commercial sex trafficking.

Under the amended bill now solicitation of 16 and 17 year-olds will remain a misdemeanor, punishable by as little as 2 days in jail or up to a $10,000 fine.

Grove’s bill would make solicitation, attempting to engage or engaging in sex with a minor for money a felony with a prison sentence ranging from 2 to 4 years, a fine not exceeding $25,000, and registration as a sex offender. The bill would punish all those who solicit from a child, regardless of whether or not the person knew or reasonably should have known that the person solicited was a minor.

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Democrats Violate Constitution, Refuse to Hold Impeachment

Timothy Birdnow

The Democrat-controlled Senate has simply dismissed the articles of impeachment against DHS head Mayorkas without a trial.

From ABC News:

The Senate on Wednesday dismissed both impeachment articles against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, deeming them "unconstitutional."

The trial against Mayorkas, long a target of Republican criticism over his handling of immigration policy and the southern border, lasted just three hours after senators were sworn in as jurors.

The votes to kill the articles and adjourn the trial were along party lines, 51-49.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell rose after the gavel came down to say members "set a very dangerous precedent here."

"By doing what we just did, we have in effect ignored the directions of the House which were to have a trial," McConnell said. "We had no evidence, no procedure. It is not a proud day in the history of the Senate."

Senate Majority Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., pushed back on such criticism in his own press conference after the short-lived proceedings.

"What we saw today was a microcosm of this impeachment since day one: hallow, frivolous, political," Schumer said, adding: "The dangerous precedent were not the one the Republicans were talking about but the one of letting impeachment take the place of policy disagreements."


House Republicans, back in February, approved charges accusing Mayorkas of willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law on immigration policy as well as breach of public trust.

The Cabinet secretary, the first impeached in nearly 150 years, called both allegations "baseless" and "politically motivated." The articles were also criticized by some Republicans and many Democrats who said they were based on disputes that did not rise to the level of impeachable offenses.

America needs to impeach the Senate  for this.

Sadly the media will do little to keep this egregious violation of their sworn duty before the public. That will be up to the Republicans to do it. Ads need to run on television continuously about this, and everyone needs to be reminded of it until November.

Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States is unequivocaal about the duties of the Senate to hold a trial when an article of impeachment is referred to them. They MUST drop everything they are doing and hold a trial. If individual members believe the charges are somehow unconstitutional then they can express that during the trial and in how they choose to adjudicate it. But they have to deal with it.

The Democrats have become the most egregious, most lawless criminals in America.

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Democrats Win Michigan

Timothy Birdnow

So it appears Michigan is lost.

Democrats one three special elections for the Michigan statehouse, giving them control of all three branches of government in the state.

Does anyonethink Donald Trump has a prayer of winning,even if he has more votes? They'll just see to it he cannot win.

Yet another failure by the GOP.

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For Love of Country

A Greg Delany

The reason President Trump is good for America and bad for the Corrupt World System.
He is not For Any Party.
He dislikes Political Parties as much as I do.
He is simply, For America!
We, as Americans, can do amazing things if Politics and Politicians would just get out of the way!
Service to country has turned into Service to Party and that means Service to Self! If you can't see the difference between "Independence" from Government vs "Dependence" on Government then my sympathy to you.
I don't like Politics, I like Service to country not Party!
The Democrats and RINO Republicans are all about Party and Power.
I see no difference between them and the Communist that made my wife's life a living hell, growing up in the Soviet Union .
The least efficient way to help people, is to let Government become the wards over their lives.
There is no such thing as an altruistic Government. There is only Government Hungry for Power and they are looking for a way to Rule Over You.
That is why America and It's "Independence" are so Dangerous to Socialist.
I am the biggest believer in America!
I love Her and want to serve Her!
I want to respect the Individual Liberties of Every American to choose their own path in life.
I used to go downtown to help the homeless. I would offer each one a job. They all refused and told me they liked their Lifestyle and I respected that!
I am not here to Fix them!
America is not here to fix you, nor is it made to remove all risks from your life.
Our Government was not set up to give you everything you think you deserve for free!
It was made to protect you from the World leaders that want to prevent Liberty and Independence from Governments, to rule you instead of you Governing yourself. America simply gives you an opportunity to be free from "Dependence" on Government and to gives you the Freedom to choose your own way in life!
Please, Bless and Honor God, America and your Family.
Support America First and don't put a Political Party ahead of America.
Pray for and defend the Constitution to Make America Great and stop trying to prevent Trump from running for office. We all have faults. He is putting America First.
We are all intelligent enough to vote for or against him in the election. If he wins the vote, he will become President. If he loses, then we fight another day to restore our country!
Live Free and Be Proud you can call yourself American!
Remember. Only Banana republics arrest and imprison their political opponents.

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April 17, 2024

Corporate Plagues

Diane Kimura

Here's the new NPR CEO Katherine Maher (and former chief executive of Wikipedia) explaining that "the truth" is an outdated concept.

Everyone can have their own truth:

"Perhaps, for our most tricky disagreements, seeking the truth, and seeking to convince others of the truth, might not be the right place to start. In fact, our reverence for the truth might be a distraction that’s getting in the way of finding common ground and getting things done. Now, that is not to say that the truth does not exist, nor is it to say that the truth isn't important. Clearly, the search for the truth has led us to do great things, to learn great things. But I think if I were to really ask you to think about this, one of the things we could all acknowledge is that part of the reason we have such glorious chronicles of the human experience and all forms of culture is because we acknowledge that there are many different truths."

- Katherine Maher, new CEO of NPR

Tim adds:

The Truth is not a democratic system. Something is true or false. This kind of relativism is at the very heart of everything wrong with Western society.

And this illustrates plainly what is wrong with our current incestuous corporate system. These people move from corporation to corporation carrying the same intellectual plagues from one businessto another. How does being CEO of Wikipedia (a crowd-sourced encyclopedia) qualify her to run NPR? Once you get inside at one place you can go anywhere and get top paying jobs and make the same mistakes over and over and never pay the price. They show up, infect the corporation with their idiotic ideas, then move on. Like a smallpox outbreak. And amazingly performance doesn't enter into it.

Civilization is crumbling in no small part because corporate America has sold it's soul and gleefully embraced morons like this woman.

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How Men Lost Their Y Chromosomes

Morgan K. Freeberg

A tactic that is an extension of hunting, will be chosen by the men and rather consistently; while the women wonder what the hell is the matter with them.
A skill that is an extension of hunting, will be mastered by the men. While the women struggle to play catch-up. These are generalizations, so of course there are exceptions.
And it's reversed when it comes to keeping order in a workspace or living space. Chicks beat dudes in remembering where they put things. I'm not a chick so I'm pretty bad at this. I can be looking high & low for something when I had it in my hands two minutes ago.
We hear that men are worthless, because of technology. Nobody's hunting anymore. We're all watching videos, ordering groceries and tracking appointments on our 'smart phones'; and, the chicks are beating the dudes at these tasks, slightly. Said tasks have more to do with keeping order in a kitchen than hunting.
It's thousands and thousands of generations of evolution that made us this way.
But how did we get the tech to make the smart phone?

Tim adds:

It's not that women have an edge these days so much as that society has decided to value what they do more highly. The hunting virtues are still absolutely critical to the survival of civilization; what would we do without men going down in the sewers to repair them, or linemen working up on a line during an electrical storm when power is out and those smart phones running out of juice?

Let's face it, many women do those jobs too but always have to be backed up by men (or almost always). Women cops ultimately are good at ticket giving but not so handy in a bar fight.

And as Morgan K. Freeberg says, who invented all the tech? Women would spend too much time fussing over organizing the information and not messing up a perfectly good palm pilot to make it into something better. The hunter spirit is what drives innovation. You have to be willing to experiment and break things to innovate. I know; my wife is always yelling at me for messing with stuff and breaking it. To her one shouldn't risk making a mess despite the possible rewards.

Gatherers gather. There is a reason why the gatherers did NOT become the farmers. The hunters did, because it was a major innovation and required lots of experimentation. Women took up gardening and the like only after the field was plowed and ready to go.

Society values feminine traits more than masculine, and so many men are on board because it's the line of least resistance. Feminism made for lots of angry chicks and men will do ANYTHING to avoid an angry woman. Adam was willing to go to HELL to avoid pissing Eve off.

We live in a Matriarchy now, even if nobody says it. Little boys are told to be little girls (and are thus putting on dresses and asking to be called she and our society is encouraging that.) Little boys see their roles are not only not valued but discouraged. They either have to rebel or submit and become soy boys. Most submit and just do the dirty, nasty jobs for low pay and little reward. But fewer want to and so are either becoming street thugs or trying to become women.

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Don’t mess with Mother Nature

Diane Kimura

It started with Dubai seeding clouds to make it rain.

More than 4.7ins of rain has already fallen today - the typical yearly average in the city - with more expected in the coming hours.

Nearly 50 flights in and out of Dubai have been cancelled since this morning, with shocking video showing several jets cutting through murky water at Dubai International Airport, the busiest for international travel.

Flood water cascaded through luxury underground malls while shoppers in designer clothes waded through water.
Above ground, howling winds blew furniture off tower-block balconies while the skies turned black with apocalyptic videos showing lightning strikes every few seconds.

Unstable weather conditions are expected to continue in the region through to Wednesday, UAE's National Center of Meteorology said.

Tim adds:

And yet these big tech guys want to "geo-engineer" the entire global climate. The modern world is full of hubris.

I would remind everyone of the children's song about the old woman who swallowed the fly.

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April 16, 2024

Is CO2 a Forcing or Feedback

Jim Church

H/T Joseph Fournier, LinkedIn

D.R. Feldman et al's 2015 publication served as one of the first long term measurements and confirmation of the spectroscopic changes occurring along the characteristic absorption / re-emission spectral lines of atmospheric CO2.

The authors refer to these changes as a "radiative forcing or RF", which in physics is different than "radiative feedbacks". For while a forcing can induce a change, a feedback can only alter the rate (+/-) of change.

These authors quantified the RF from the 22 ppm rise in CO2 over the measurement period to be a mere 0.2 Wm-2decade-1.

The white elephant in the room seen in this plot is the fact that the strong seasonal cycle influence on the intra-annual RF.

From the influence of the seasonal cycle we see the RF rapidly rise in the Spring and then decline in the Fall. Note the slopes (+/-) here are much greater than the longer term RF of 0.2 Wm-2decade-1.

Note that there is no allowance in mainstream climate debates for CO2 to be anything more than a RF, while skeptics such as myself continue to argue that CO2 like H2O may simply be a feedback.

Note that the rise in CO2 in the spring is the only empirical evidence of where it LEADS changes in temperature. In the seasonal cycle in the Northern Hemisphere, CO2 concentrations peak in April, while temperatures peak in July.

No one would say that in this scenario, CO2 is causing the surface to warm, as we all know that orbital dynamics and changes in sunshine are responsible.

Likewise, we all know that CO2 peaks in April given the rates of photosynthesis at this point in the seasonal cycle begin to outpace the rates of decay and that the true RF here is from visible light (aka sunshine).

In conclusion, while this pivotal paper definitely shows a small rise in long term RF from rising CO2 of only 0.2 Wm-2decade-1, more importantly it shows that CO2 is also a feedback in response to change sunshine intensity as modulated by orbital dynamics (aka seasonal cycle).

The phrase "orbital dynamics" is used purposefully, as there is ample evidence that longer term changes in CO2 are also induced by orbital dynamics. In my view, Milankovitch Cycles down to the ENSO cycle, can be collectively viewed as orbital dynamics.

May be an image of ‎text that says '‎0.5 Observational determination of surface radiative forcing by CO2 from 2000 to 2010 D. R. Feldman et al, Nature, 2015 Seasonal Cycle Influence Forcing eedback? feedback? -ve Forcing +ve or or 405 400 0.4 (u 0.3 bong 0.2 ኢቅር 0.1 o -0.1 395 390 תחסס, 385 380 375 I CO2 Surface Forcing Increase 0.2 Wm²decade-1 370 8 2000 2002 365 360 2004 2006 2008 355 Year 2010‎'‎

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The Spending Pricetag

Diane Kimura

For every $1 Tril spent by Biden, it is an additional $3,000 in tax burden for every man, woman, and child.

Biden's $2 Tril bill cost each American $6k in taxes in his first 100 days alone.

The national debt is $34 tril and growing. That translates to roughly $252,500 per taxpayer.

Let the good times roll!

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Whirling Dervishes

Richard Cronin

Published on the same day.

Melting ice caps slowing rotation is NBC News.

Speeding of rotation on CBS News

These two stories were published on the same day a few weeks ago

Tim's 2p

I think the word both of them were searching for was RATINGS, not rotation.

Frankly I think both of 'em are just plain dizzy.

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